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“Skinny” Does Not Equal “Fit” The message to be skinny is pervasive in our culture-highlighted and reinforced by the media, fashion, and entertainment industries, which send blatant messages that skinny is glamorous, preferable, and attractive. Weight is treated as if it were an aesthetic issue, rather than one indicator of overall health status. In fact, the issue of body size and its relationship to health seems to have taken a back seat to vanity. A healthy weight is only one component of a healthy body. A healthy body falls into shape and finds its best healthy weight naturally. Good health comes in many sizes.

Goal For Blog:

Monday: Workout Idea

Wednesday: Recipe

Friday: What I learned this week.


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My favorite thing to do is to wake up early and start the day off with a good sweat. There's nothing more exciting then trying and new workout. I love to create new workouts to help people get fit. View all posts by fitsgreaterthanskinny

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