Monday Fit Workout

Treadmill Tempo #4

My goal when I run a tempo is to push my base-pace.I try and stay at 80% max HRT on tempo runs, so pretty intense.

Tempo runs are an excellent way for runners to build speed and strength. Your run should be a steady effort level, usually just a little slower than your 10k race pace. Tempo runs help you develop your anaerobic or lactate threshold, which is critical for running faster.

Avg Hrt: 142 Max: 181 Cals:916

I decided to post the regular version and a beginner version but either should be adjusted to your ability. For example if your base run is 5mph,  and you look at this workout and see that the base is a 7.5mph so you are about 2.5mph slower so take the whole workout down by 2.5 mph and your effort should be the same.

Beginner Version

Today I did this workout twice…once before I lifted and then again after I lifted Biceps/Back. I love to break-up my cardio between weight training. I get nice and warm but still have enough focus and energy to lift then end with another session of cardio.


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