Dry beans to…

I try and make my beans from scratch instead of buying them in cans for 2 main reasons…there WAY healthier (sodium content is out the roof) and dried beans are SO cheap. There are several methods you can use to make beans from scratch you can soak them over night and boil, cook them in the crock-pot, and you can pressure-cook dried beans (I prefer this method,  it’s super fast).

How to Pressure-Cook Dried Beans:

Step 1: Get ingredients and pressure-cooker ready.

Beans, oil, salt, and water. That's it.

My favorite kitchen tool!

Step 2: Put everything in pressure cooker and pressure cook for 35 minutes on high and let natural release. THAT’S IT!

Tip: The more you rinse your beans the less gas you’ll have ;0.


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