Friday Fit Advice Hurry You Got 30 Minutes

Post-workout Fuel

You just stepped in the door from completing a intense sweaty workout…what should I eat? If your like me most of the time you appetite feels suppressed from all the endorphins your getting from your post-workout high. But research has shown how crucial this time is to replenish our bodies. This could be the most important meal you eat all day.

Why: When you exercise you are using up carbohydrates and body fat for your energy. How much exactly depends on the workout and intensity you performed it at. It is important that you fuel your body with the right nutrients within the next 24 hours. This will give you the energy needed function normal.

When: 30 minutes is all you got! That is when muscle glycogen is most readily produced and stored in your muscles and liver. Your muscle are so hungry to be feed at this time.

What: Your post-workout meal should be more like a snack, a combination of fast-digesting carbs and protein. This is not a good time to eat fatty foods, they will slow down the absorption of nutrients.

Type of Exercise: Your post-workout depends a lot on the type of workout you did. After a super sweaty-intense spin class your carb-to-protein ratio should be 3:1 or even 4:1. But after hitting the weights hard you should aim closer to a 1:1 ration.


Cardio Workout:

  1. Breakfast burrito: scrambled eggs with whole wheat tortilla and salsa
  2. Kashi Go-Lean High Protein and Fiber Cereal w/1 c. berries (sprinkle w/Truvia)
  3. Whole wheat toast topped with peanut butter and bananas (sprinkle w/cinnamon and Truvia for extra flavor)

Weightlifting Workout:

  1. Protein shake (I recommend this protein powder  (chocolates my fave))
  2. Turkey bacon and laughing cow cheese omelet
  3. Cottage cheese mixed with Greek yogurt and berries, topped with slivered almonds

Tip: If your really serious about eating in a 30 minute window…most phones have timers…after you complete your workout start your timer…you’ll know exactly how much time you have.



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