Monday Fit Workout

Circuit w/ABs

My favorite way to exercise is circuits. There are SO many advantages to circuit training. My two favorite are; you never get bored and second it keeps you heart rate high the whole time.

I generally lift 4 days a week, Monday-Thursday and on Fridays I try and do a full body circuit to switch things up a bit and keep it exciting. I rarely train my Abs I’m a believer that Abs are made in the kitchen, but every once an while I like to work them over (once or twice a month).

I did this circuit last Friday followed by this 10 minute plank workout…boy did it kick my butt. This workout is great because it can be shortened, modified and changed according to the different type of equipment you have available. Give it a try!

Go tell you can't. Go when you can!

Feel the Burn!














Questions: (answer by leaving a comment)

1.Whats your favorite way to train?

2. Are you going to give it a try? 😉


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My favorite thing to do is to wake up early and start the day off with a good sweat. There's nothing more exciting then trying and new workout. I love to create new workouts to help people get fit. View all posts by fitsgreaterthanskinny

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