Thursday Fact or Myth

Beginning in your 30s and 40s you can lose up to 1-2% of muscle mass each year, if you don’t strength train.


There are SO SO SO SO SO many advantages to strength training; faster metabolism, increased lean muscle mass, strength, increase in bone density, injury prevention, improved balance, decreased risk of coronary disease, not to mention feeling and looking better.  If I had to recommend weight training or cardio because of time sake…I would choose weight training. It scares me that women are intimidated by weights,  fight your fears and insecurities and try incorporating weights into your daily regimen. Do it, make a commitment today to give weight training try.


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My favorite thing to do is to wake up early and start the day off with a good sweat. There's nothing more exciting then trying and new workout. I love to create new workouts to help people get fit. View all posts by fitsgreaterthanskinny

2 responses to “Thursday Fact or Myth

  • Michelle

    I never really started weight training seriously until this year. Prior to this year, I would sometimes do a workout video or class at the gym, and that was pretty much it. Now that I’ve kept it up for a while, I completely agree that it’s the way to go to get results! I’ve been a runner since I was a teenager, so it was hard to cut back on running at first. I was afraid I’d lose my ability to run! But the opposite happened – it became easier to run! Probably partly because I was taking some needed breaks, and partly because my muscles were stronger and could power me to go faster!

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