Thursday Fact Vs. Myth

Crunches are the most effective AB exercise?


For a tight waistline and flat stomach, do planks. Basic crunches work only the surface abs, while planks target your entire core-surface abdominal muscles, transverse (deeper) ab muscles, obliques, and lower back-which flattens your belly and pulls your waist in like a corset. Plus, planks are safer.  When you do crunches, the disks in your spine are repeatedly bent, upping your risk for injury. Try this workout.

Questions: (answer by leaving a comment)

1. Whats your favorite Ab exercise?

I like to do knee tucks in plank position.

2. How often to you train your Abs?

I work my abs once or twice a month, not very often. I’m a firm believer Abs are made in the kitchen 😉


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My favorite thing to do is to wake up early and start the day off with a good sweat. There's nothing more exciting then trying and new workout. I love to create new workouts to help people get fit. View all posts by fitsgreaterthanskinny

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