Thursday Fact Vs. Myth

Lifting Moderate Weights with Lots of Reps is the Key to Growth


Fact: Lifting heavy weights with fewer reps recruits more muscle fibers and results in faster, bigger growth.

When I wanna build muscle I focus on lifting heavy, this generally means I do 6-8 reps, 3 sets. I generally can do 8 reps in the beginning but by my last set I can only push 6, this is how you know you’ve lifted heavy enough. Your muscle should be so fatigued by that last set that you can’t push as much weight in the end. If you can kick out 8 with not much effort…go heavier! We can lift a lot more then we think, trust me! When you lift heavier its important to keep in mind that you need to rest longer in-between sets, about 1-2 minutes. It takes your muscles longer to recover with heavier weight and less reps. When your weight load isn’t as heavy and your doing more reps keep your rest periods 30seconds-1 minute. It’s important to incorporate all types of lifting methods this is you prevent a plateau.


Questions: (answer by leaving a comment)

1. Do you lift heavy, moderate, or light?

I lift heavy 2 weeks, moderate the next, and circuit train the following, to keep things interesting.

2. Which is your favorite?

I like to lift heavy, you get to do less reps 😉

3. How often do you switch up your weight routine?

Every 4 weeks


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