Thursday Fact Vs. Myth

Part-Time Low-Carb Diets Work Better for Weight Loss


Low-calorie, low carbohydrate diets are better than mixed diets for promoting weight loss during the first six months of a weight-control program. At one year, however, most low-calorie diets produce similar results. People have trouble cutting out carbs for extended periods. What about cutting down on cars two to three times per week? British researchers found that cutting carb intake two times per week caused greater weight loss than constant high-protein, low-carb diet or Mediterranean diet. High-carb diets increase insulin levels, which promote some types of cancer.

My thoughts and experience; I don’t think cutting out carbs is the way to go, there part of a healthy life-style. You have to learn to eat them in moderation and choose the “healthy” carbs. I do how ever think that if your trying to loose those last stubborn pounds a carb cycle is a good way to go: eat low carbs for 2 days, 1 day of moderate, 1 day of high, and repeat. This cycle allows your body to learn how to digest and use carbohydrates so that when you reach your goal weight and start eating carbs daily (because we all need them) you won’t gain all your weight right back.


1. Do you try and cut carbs when your trying to loose weight?

I find that works best for me is to eat all my carbs before 3p.m. I can’t cut carbs out completely, they give me all my energy.

2. What is your favorite “healthy” carb?

Oatmeal. YUM YUM! I like a good baked potato to.


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