Friday Fit Advice

Make Over Your Mindset

I’ve never been one to believe that there was any real power in positive thinking. But, recently, Facebook, Twitter, and Pintrest, have been producing a lot of inspirational sayings. And you know what? There speaking to me. It’s no wonder we crave these feel-good sayings of 3,000-plus words in the English language relating to human emotions, 2,086 of them are downbeat! According to the Mayo Clinic people who are more optimistic are thought to embrace healthier habits, like exercising regularly, and avoid bad ones, like smoking and drinking. Here, a few tips for reaching a more positive place:

1. BUILD SPIRITUAL MUSCLE. Take up a fitness class. There are all kinds offered for all different fitness levels. Also the more I study and research the more I think that working-out at home can be highly effective with all the great work-out DVDs available and at-home-full-body circuits you can do with just using your own body weight.

2. BE GRATEFUL. Researches have shown that people who count their blessings may sleep better, feel more satisfied, and have higher self worth, all of that translate into better health and well-being. So appreciate all the awesome things you already have in your life: great friends, a husband you dig, loving parents, amazing hair….whatever. Even better, make a point of expressing that gratitude to people you’re thankful to have in your world. 

3. PASS POSITIVITY ALONG. Service is one thing that makes us ALL happy. You can always turn a bad day around by thinking about someone else and doing something for them. Help others feel happy to.

positive thinking


1. What things do you do to stay positive?

2. Are you healthier when your happy?


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