Wednesday Fit Recipe

Spicy Bean and & Guacamole Burrito

Beans are one of my FAVORITE foods for several reasons; one there SUPER cheap, two you can store them FOREVER, three there FULL of protein and fiber, and four there SUPER delicious. I make a batch of beans almost every Monday, there super easy to throw in the crock-pot and on busy nights we have a quick delicious dinner that everyone loves. Go here for my crock-pot recipe. Also for more information on beans go here. Also here is some more ideas on how to use dried beans.

Calories 317 Carbs 55 Protein 24 Fiber 2


1 whole wheat tortilla (80 cals) or 2 corn

1/2 c. re-fried beans (go here for a recipe to make your own in the crock-pot)

¼ c. salsa

3 T. guacamole

2 T. plain greek yogurt

1 c. lettuce, tomato, any vegetable

1 c. grapes (eat on side)


Spread beans, guacamole, and salsa on tortilla and microwave for 30 seconds. Add Greek yogurt, lettuce, tomato and any other veggies you prefer. Enjoy!


1. What do you like to do with beans?

2. Do you prefer using dried beans or canned beans?


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One response to “Wednesday Fit Recipe

  • heather

    I do love this meal too! It’s the after effects that take me out. J/k Thanks for sharing. Hope you are feeling better.

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