Friday Fit Advice

Will Using a Heart-Rate Monitor Really Help My Workout?

Absolutely. Next to my running shoes my heart-rate monitor is something I CAN’T live without! These little gadgets provide show exactly how hard your working. By watching your heart rate, you’ll know what it takes to hit your target training zones. You should be at 80 percent of your maximum heart rate–find your max by subtracting your age from 220–when pushing hard and 60 to 70 percent while moving at a stead, aerobic pace. It’s also a good way to measure your progress: The lower your resting heart rate–check it first thing in the morning–the stronger your heart has become. This is the heart-rate monitor I have, I love it and recommend it but there are a lot cheaper ones out there that are just as good. The reason mine is so expensive is because it does a custom training program and its GPS capable, so if your not interested in those things I would suggest getting a simpler model. If I were to get a new one here are a few I would suggest:






1. Do you wear a heart-rate monitor now?

2. Why do you train with a heart-rate monitor?


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