Thursday Question

So I know I’ve slacked this week…I have a good excuse…my phone crapped out and our internet connection stopped working at home. I’m the first to hate excuses but I really had no way of posting, sorry. Lets move on.

Today’s questions: I’m sore from yesterday’s workout. Should I take today off?

You can either take the day off or perform a light workout. Micro-tears in your muscle tissue from a hard workout are the likely culprit of soreness. Backing off for two or three days helps the tissue heal and rebuild even stronger. Spend this time training easy, doing light cross-training, taking a day off, or doing some combination of the three. Light exercise is best-it stimulates more blood flow to your muscles, which will hasten the removal of waste products and help speed recovery.

How to Relieve Sore Muscles From Exercising


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