Friday Fit Advice

Wanna loose weight and wondering if you should run a marathon?



Don’t!!! So many times I hear people say they want to run a marathon to loose weigh, I just wanna shout don’t do it! If you want to run a marathon for motivation to get in shape that’s completely different, go for it. In my personal experience (Saint George Marathon) and research all arrows point in the direction it’s not a good idea if weight loss is your objective. In fact we are teaching our bodies to do just the opposite when we train for endurance events.

Running is Lousy for Weight Loss!  From a weight loss perspective, running is a pretty lousy tool.  It is really only helpful in small doses.  Like very small.  I wouldn’t recommend running more than 30 min per day if weight loss is your goal.  The better you get at running, the more it takes to keep it up.  This has no end.  In fact, the more you do, the more you HAVE to do to get the same effect from what you have already done.  See, getting better at running is just your bodies way of getting more efficient at going places.  Now, for those of us who are trying to watch our shapes, getting more efficient at going places is the LAST thing we ever want to do.  We want to remain INEFFICIENT.  It burns more calories to be inefficient.  Becoming efficient at something means I have to do MORE of it or do it HARDER to get the same out of it.  This has no end.  It is precisely why most people GAIN weight when they train for a marathon.

Running can be a big part of your weight loss success, but keep it to no more than 30 minutes per day and mix it with full body, high intensity movements done with constant variation and you’ll get more from your workouts in terms of weight loss.  Remember, Inefficiency is key.



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