My Journey

I’ve been a competitive athlete in high-school and continued my career in volleyball for Idaho St

ate University. Shortly after graduating high-school I married the man that changed my life forever and we began our beautiful family.

I continued my passion in fitness but had to learn alternatives to competitive sports  to stay fit and active. Nine years ago I started my journey studying, researching, and observing different diet strategies and exercise programs. I finally feel like I have it figured out! Nothing works! There is NO single plan that will work for everyone. It’s a lifestyle change, a decision to be healthy, and a goal to be the fit chick, that’s the only thing that works!

Bachelors in Business/Finance

Certified Personal Trainer- ASFA (American Sports & Fitness Association)

Bucket List:

Do an Iron Man (don’t know when…)

Ride the LotoJa Classic summer of 2012

Ride the Gran Fondo-Moab in 2012

Checked off my bucket list:

Marathon: St. George 4:04 St.George Marathon summer 2011

several half marathons Dam Marathon (3x) 2005, 2009, 2011

several sprint triathlons: Rush Triathlon,  Blacktail Triathlon, St.George Triathlon, Rigby Lake Triathlon


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