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Thursday Fit Challenge

If I workout with a sweat-shirt on will I burn more calories?

That sweat dripping off your body is not necessarily more fat melting. Your heart rate increases because blood vessels dilate to increase blood flow to the skin to help your body cool down, not because more calories are being burned. Think about it this way, you burn the same amount of calories sitting in a sauna for 15 minutes as you do sitting in a chair. It’s the intensity and muscle challenge from exercise that produce the burn, not the temperature of your atmosphere. So my suggestion…where what feels comfortable 😉



Thursday Fit Question

Do you burn more body fat if you exercise on an empty stomach?


A recent article in Strength and Conditioning Journal concluded that working out on an empty stomach will not help you burn more fat and, in fact, could produce inferior results. Without food to fuel your workout, you might have less energy, so you could exercise less, or at a lower intensity, burning fewer calories. You also could end up burning calorie-torching muscle instead of body fat. The lesson: A little food can go a long way toward maximizing your hard workout.

Try this-Before you exercise, have something small to eat or drink that contains carbohydrates. It could be half a banana, a glass of orange juice or a piece of toast. The snack can help power the workout ahead so you give it your best effort.

Thursday Fit Question

Are raw vegetables healthier then cooked veggies?

Hardy vegetables, including potatoes, corn, beets and Brussels sprouts, need to be cooked and softened to make them digestible. Plus, some vegetables’ nutrients become easier for your body to absorb when the produce is cooked. your body better absorbs the antioxidant compound lycopene, for example, if you consume cooked tomatoes, tomato sauce or tomato paste rather than raw tomatoes. The same is true of the carotenoids in carrots. Such nutrients are released through the cooking and heating process.

I say…ENJOY PRODUCE HOWEVER YOU LIKE IT! Be careful, though: if you cook your veggies until they’re mushy, they can lose precious nutrients. Whenever possible stick to steaming (so vegetables are firm but still cooked), which helps you preserve the most goodness 😉


Eat a nutrient rich diet. When our body isn't getting all of the nutrients it needs, it tends to shut down and not function as well as it would with all of those nutrients. Eat whole grains, plenty of fruits and vegetables, and be sure you are getting your Omega-3s.

Thursday Fit Question

How do you keep junk food cravings at bay?

A new study shows that frequent meals are the surest way to fend off strong cravings for junk food. Brain-imaging scans showed that when glucose levels drop, the prefrontal cortex loses its ability to blunt the desire for high-calorie foods, leading to urges that can feel uncontrollable. Nutrient-dense whole foods, including fruit, vegetables, and lean meat are the healthiest way to keep blood-sugar levels steady without any dramatic spikes.

My daily regimen is breakfast at 7:30 a.m., snack at 10 a.m., lunch at 12 p.m., another snack at 3 p.m., dinner at 5 p.m. and finally another treat at 7 p.m. If I skip any of these meals I inevitably end up eating something I wished I hadn’t. Stay in front of your hunger with healthy foods and you won’t be tempted next time by the ding-dongs.

Junk food does

Thursday Question

So I know I’ve slacked this week…I have a good excuse…my phone crapped out and our internet connection stopped working at home. I’m the first to hate excuses but I really had no way of posting, sorry. Lets move on.

Today’s questions: I’m sore from yesterday’s workout. Should I take today off?

You can either take the day off or perform a light workout. Micro-tears in your muscle tissue from a hard workout are the likely culprit of soreness. Backing off for two or three days helps the tissue heal and rebuild even stronger. Spend this time training easy, doing light cross-training, taking a day off, or doing some combination of the three. Light exercise is best-it stimulates more blood flow to your muscles, which will hasten the removal of waste products and help speed recovery.

How to Relieve Sore Muscles From Exercising

Thursday Fact Vs. Myth

You should have Easter dessert?


Easter bunny

Go ahead eat dessert! Eating dessert regularly may actually help you lose. People who do indulge “ocassionally” then to lose more pounds because they stick to their eating plan better.


So Easter is right around the corner and if your like me you wanna stay on track but at the same time enjoy family and the holiday, well here are some simple tips to help you do that:

1. Think of brunch as lunch. If your having an Easter brunch think of it as lunch, you wouldn’t skip breakfast if you were having lunch with friends and family, would you? So have something light for breakfast, berries, yogurt, or a slice of toast with nut butter. That way, you won’t be famished by time brunch rolls around.

2. Plan Ahead. It’s a weigh-loss rule of thumb, no matter what meal your eating. Decide before hand what you’re having and be first to dish up so your not tempted to over-indulge by everyone’s portions. You will less likely be swayed by others’ choices.

3. Be a food snob. Don’t waste calories on a bland store bought roll or so-so potatoes. Instead, review your options and see what dishes are standouts-try something you don’t always try. Make those calories work for you!

4. Say, “I’ve had enough.” Repeat this mantra to yourself once done. (Note to self: Your plate does not have to be empty.) Finish with a big glass of ice water and call it a meal 😉



1. Whats your favorite Easter dessert?

Mine’s gotta be carrot cake!!!

2. What Easter foods are “worth” it?

I love homemade rolls and creamy, cheesy, buttery potatoes!

Thursday Fact Vs. Myth

You should wear lighter shoes when running on a treadmill.


Brooks Pure Cadence Running Shoe. Best minimalist shoe for overpronators!

These are the minimalist shoes I want!

If you have lighter shoes, yes. Your joints and limbs require less cushioning as a treadmill absorbs shock far better than the road. Some shoe companies offer models specifically designed for ‘mill use, with less internal cushioning (especially at the forefoot and toes) and more external ventilation (to counter the heat-producing friction of TM belts). Or just switch out your heavyweight kicks for lightweight trainers or minimalist shoes. I run with my old shoes when I run on the treadmill cause I need less support and keep my newer shoes for when I run on the road 😉


1. Do you run in minimalist shoes?

2. What is your favorite shoe to run in?

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