Quick Calorie Stats

Avocado ¼ avocado 50cal/*5fat
(Medium black)

Black Beans ¼ cup 35cal/9carb/3pro

Brown Rice ½ cup cooked 107cal/22carb

Chicken Breast 1 oz cooked 50cal/0fat/11pro

Corn Tortilla 1 tortilla 55cal/*1fat/11carb
(Yellow or white)

Cottage Cheese ½ cup 90cal/*3fat/4carb
(low fat 1 or 2%)

Cocoa Powder 1 TB 20cal/3carb
(Dark or regular)

Cool Whip 2 TB 30cal/*0-2fat/2carb
(Light OR fat free)

Edamame Beans ½ cup=17 pods 100cal/*3fat/
(Shelled or pods) 9carb/8pro

Egg 1 egg 75cal/*5fat/6pro
(Large egg)

Egg white 1 white 16cal/*0fat/3pro
(Large egg)

Greek yogurt 1 cup 130cal/9carb/22pro
(Fat free)

Kashi Crackers 16 crackers 139cal/*3fat/23carb

Kodiak Pancake Mix ¼ cup 98cal/*1fat/20carb/5pro
(Whole grain pancake mix)

La Tortilla Factory Tortilla 1 LARGE 80-100cal/19-22carb/8pro

LIGHT Laughing Cow Cheese 1 wedge 35cal/*2fat/3pro

Newmans Honey Mustard Drsg 1 TB 35cal/*2fat/4carb

Oats ½ cup raw 150cal/27carb/5pro
(Plain OR quick- no sugar added)

Multigrain Cheerios 1 cup 112cal/24carb

Pumpkin 2 TB 10cal/2carb
(Plain-no sugar added)

Parmesan cheese 1 tsp 10cal/*1fat/1carb
(fat free OR light)

Peanut Butter 1 TB 95cal/*8fat/3carb
(Natural-no sugar added)

Protein Powder 1 scoop (4 TB) 90cal/*2fat/2carb/17pro

Refried Beans 2 TB 25cal/*0fat/5carb/2pro
(Fat free)

Rice Cake 1 cake 35cal/7-10carb
(plain or slightly sweetened)

Sara Lee whole wheat bun 1 bun 110cal/*1fat/21carb
(Whole grain) (small)

Sweet Potato 4 oz raw 70cal/17carb

String Cheese 1 stick 80cal/*7fat/9pro

Salsa 2 TB 10cal/5carb

Sour Cream 2 TB 24cal/5carb/1pro
(Fat free)

Syrup 2 TB 18cal/6carb
(sugar free)

Shrimp (3 oz raw) 15 medium sized 90-95cal/15-20pro

Turkey 1 oz 30cal/*0fat/4pro
(Lean cut)

Tuna ½ can=2.5 oz 82cal/*1fat/18pro
(Canned Albecore or regular)

White Fish 5 oz raw 120cal/*2-5fat/20-25pro



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