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Thursday Fit Challenge

If I workout with a sweat-shirt on will I burn more calories?

That sweat dripping off your body is not necessarily more fat melting. Your heart rate increases because blood vessels dilate to increase blood flow to the skin to help your body cool down, not because more calories are being burned. Think about it this way, you burn the same amount of calories sitting in a sauna for 15 minutes as you do sitting in a chair. It’s the intensity and muscle challenge from exercise that produce the burn, not the temperature of your atmosphere. So my suggestion…where what feels comfortable 😉



Monday Get Fit Workout

This workout is super fun just because it’s so different with all the variation. The 5lb. dumbbells really ramp up the intensity. Sometimes you don’t feel like walking a fast pace or running but still want to get a good burn in, this workout is great for that. The extra weight will increase your heart rate a ton. Have fun and get nice and sweaty!



Something to keep in mind.

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