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Monday Get Fit Workout

Okay girls and boys do you wanna walk out of the gym with shaky legs? Here you go. This is a doosy! I love to work legs, there so hard and challenging! Let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I would love to know if anyone gives it a try.


Monday Fit Workout

Back & Chest

I’m Back! Just a quick heads up…my posts in the summer might be sporadic. I just can’t resist playing outside when the sun is shining!!! I did this work the last two Mondays and love every second, it makes you push! I try and isolate body parts when I lift, legs one day, biceps another, but there is to little time to isolate all parts every week so I often have to group two together. Back and chest I like to group together because they are completely different muscles and don’t rely on one-another. Where the two exercises are grouped together I super-set those together, meaning I do them back to back. So for example I perform the first exercise, BB bench press, 5x doing 12 reps, resting one minute between sets. Then I move onto the back exercises, I do 12 reverse-grip lat pull-downs then immediately following I perform 8 reverse-grip BB row, then rest for a minute and do that 3x’s.


in the gym


in the kitchen

Thursday Fact Vs. Myth

Lifting slowly makes your muscles work harder and grow faster.


Lifting slowly recruits the smaller muscle fibers and leaves the big ones out of the action. If you want to get bigger, you’ve got to lift fast! This doesn’t mean to swing the weights and loose proper form, you need to stay in control and move the weight in correct form. I generally lift deep and fast. I feel like I get the biggest results when I go heavy, fast (with proper form), moderate repetitions, with 30-60 seconds of rest between sets.  GO BIG OR GO HOME! those little muscles on top of the thigh!

1. What do you generally try and focus on when you lift?
2. How many sets/reps do you like to do?

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